Flannel Friday: Fall Is Not Easy & A Fun Twist


I FINALLY made a Fall is Not Easy flannel! I feel like I’ve leveled up as a children’s librarian.

If you haven’t been exposed to this book before, it’s a fun, silly story that makes an even better flannel. It’s all about a tree that much prefers the other seasons to fall.

Winter is easy – its branches are bare.


But autumn… well, that’s a different and much more difficult matter!


The kiddos LOVE shouting “NO!” as the tree tries to find the right color. I pause and encourage them to tell me the right fall color, then frustrate them by doing something silly again. After all, you SAID the leaves turn yellow…


What do you mean no? These leaves are yellow, red, orange, and green. Just like you said they should be!


Eventually I have the kiddos tell the tree very slowly and carefully what to do. I’ll tell you more about why I like to put individual leaves up for this part a little later.


Alas! Just as the tree gets it right, the wind blows all the leaves off. Bummer.


Now for the fun game! I mentioned putting up the leaves one at a time. I do this because I hide an acorn behind one of the leaves. That way, we can roll right into a guessing game or return to the tree a little later and play.

“Acorn, acorn, where could you be?

Are you buried under the RED leaf?”

(repeat with other colors)


Credit: original

Aha! There it is! Those sneaky squirrels. Never know what you’ll find in a pile of leaves…


As you can probably tell because they’re all different sizes, I free-handed the treetops. I used a die cut at work for the individual leaves and this free printable template from First Palette for my tree trunk:


This is such a fun story! I especially love how easy it is for storyteller’s to add their own unique spin – I can’t wait to add more silly treetops! What are your tips and tricks for telling Fall is Not Easy? Would love to know below!

Click here to see how I used this flannel in a fun fall, young Family Storytime.

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