Flannel Friday: Shape Monster


One more math flannel to share this week!  Shape Monster is super fun and easy.  All you need is a sock puppet and some shapes!

Shape Monster, Shape Monster, hungry for lunch!

I wonder which shape you’d like to munch?


Credit: I found this shape monster rhyme (or something quite like it) in one of our storytime kits.  I’m not sure who to credit for the original idea, but I see that Deb’s Design has a slightly different and equally fun flannel shape monster activity!

I love this flannel because it’s a great opportunity to practice many different skills, not just shape recognition.  Maybe shape monster is hungry for a specific shape (like a star), or a specific color (a shape that is blue), or something round like a cookie.  I encourage the kiddos to use descriptive and directional vocabulary to help Shape Monster find the right treat!

After Shape Monster eats (and BURPS) a lot, he’s pretty thirsty!  I like to sneak in some more early math practice by asking the kids which juice Shape Monster should drink if he is REALLY thirsty.  What if he is just a little thirsty?  In the end, Shape Monster usually drinks all three and gets a tummy ache.  🙂


Many thanks to Lisa for hosting this week at Lisa’s Library Land!  New to Flannel Friday or need more flannel inspiration?

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