Flannel Friday: Hat Hiding Games


UPDATE: This flannel recently got a makeover!

Check out the latest version with even MORE HATS by clicking here.

This is a great flannel or prop game for talking with the kids and building their background knowledge! First, we take the hats out and talk about them. What color is this hat? Who wears it? Then I hide a cat or a bat inside the hat and we play a guessing game! This is a fun activity that can easily be used with a variety of themes: rhyming, pets, cats, hats, clothes, etc.

Here’s the flannel version:


And here are some fun rhymes you can use:

My Friend Cat

My friend cat

Is hiding under a hat!

Is my friend cat

Underneath the cowboy’s hat?

(repeat with other hat types or colors)

Another option:

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat

Kitty cat, kitty cat, where could you be?

Is that you under the black hat I see?

You can download the latest template and grab these hat patterns, plus any later additions, by clicking here.

More inspiration awaits! Check out the rest of this week’s fun flannels at the Weekly Round Up!

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