Flannel Friday: Yellow Star, Yellow Star

Where did December go?!  So many flannels left unmade, so many flannels I did make left unshared… Hopefully next year I’ll be posting more regularly now that I’m done with grad school!

I DO have some fun flannels for baby or toddler time ready to share for the last Flannel Friday Round Up of 2017.  First up is a night sky take on Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  I love how adaptable this one is!  I can easily incorporate it into a bedtime theme or a moon and stars/outer space storytime.

FF What Do You See Space Stars

Yellow star, yellow star, what do you see?

I see a white star looking at me!

White star, white star, what do you see?

I see a blue star looking at me!

Blue star, blue star, what do you see?

I see the moon looking at me!

My families feel really familiar with this Brown Bear rhythm, so flannels like this one get a lot of nice audience participation. Plus this flannel fits in well with so many great songs beforehand or afterwards! We’ve sung “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom” and also used this fun rhyme from Jbrary:

Many thanks to Jennifer for hosting at Adventures in Storytime!  Hope everyone has a happy holiday season with their friends and families.  See you in the new year!

Looking to learn more about Flannel Friday?  Check out the blog, and don’t forget to join the awesome Facebook group too!  Can’t wait for the New Year and need more inspiration right now?  Peruse the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards!

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