Flannel Friday: Cake Candles in a Couple Ways

UPDATE: This flannel recently got a more vocabulary building, math-intentional makeover! Please check it out here.

Happy Winter Extravaganza everyone!  Although at a high of 58 today and with final projects right around the corner, I’m having a hard time getting in the holiday spirit… but on the bright side, I just realized this is my last Flannel Friday while in grad school!  Woohoo!

December for me means it’s time to talk about sweet treats.  Here’s a few fun cake flannels that go along well with a baking or birthday storytime theme.


5 Little Candles

5 little candles on a cake glowing bright,

Let’s make a wish and blow them out of sight!

(repeat with 4, 3, 2, 1)


Credit: original

My toddlers really enjoyed this one, but you could easily use 10 candles with preschoolers!  It was a great calming flannel after our action song.  We talked about the colors of the candles as I pulled them out, estimated how many candles we thought there were on the cake, and then counted to check.  That last darn candle sure was stubborn and required an extra large breath!  If using 10 candles, I would remove 2 or 3 with each blow.

See how I used this flannel in Letter C Toddler ST


I’m a Little Birthday Cake

Tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”

I’m a little birthday cake, short and stout.

But I need some candles to blow out!

If you have a blue candle, don’t you wait.

Put your blue candles on the cake!

(repeat with other colors)


Credit: original

I used this audience participation flannel with my family crowd and they loved it!  As always, when I passed out the candles, I encouraged the caregivers to talk with their child about the color and see if they could spot that color on their clothes or in the room.  I’m planning on making some longer candles next year so that I can give caregivers a candle as well and they can talk about whose candle is longer/shorter.  🙂

See how I used this flannel in Letter C Family ST

Many thanks to Amy for hosting this week at Catch the Possibilities!  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone’s fun flannel projects and get some wonderful winter inspiration.

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