Flannel Friday Round Up for October 27th


Welcome to this week’s Flannel Friday!  Prepare to add to your To-Make lists, because this week’s full of fun ideas!


Though the Halloween Extravaganza may be over, Kathryn and I are keeping the fall holiday fun going.  Kathryn has a super cute flannel and rhyme to share all about friends dressed up for Halloween.  I am so impressed by the level of detail she put into the costumes!  Check it out over at Fun with Friends at Storytime.

I'm a Little Monster 2

I have a song to share about a little green monster who wants you to come a little closer…


Storytime Ukulele has two more fun flannels to sing!  I can’t wait to use “I am Hungry” for my upcoming food themed storytime in November.  And I just love the Mandarin song “Two Tigers.”  For more awesome multicultural songs and rhymes, make sure to check out Barnaby Public Library’s Embracing Diversity repository!


Wendy at Flannel Board Fun has some great songs and book suggestions to go along with her super cute Toddler Bots!  Seriously tempted to squeeze in a robot themed storytime now somewhere this year.  I just need to sing “The Lights on the Robot!”

Thanks everyone for sharing!  Have a fantastic weekend… and see you  at next week’s Flannel Friday stop, over at What is Bridget Reading?

Looking to learn more about Flannel Friday?  Check out the blog, and don’t forget to join the awesome Facebook group too!  Can’t wait for next week and need more inspiration right now?  Peruse the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards!


5 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Round Up for October 27th”

    1. I missed posting my flannel in time for the Halloween Extravaganza as well! Just wasn’t planned enough ahead. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, what a fun flannel and rhyme!


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