Flannel Friday: Build a Face


Happy Flannel Friday, and many thanks to Laura for hosting at One for the Books!  To learn more about the awesome-ness that is Flannel Friday, check out the blog.

I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t posted since March!  I’m really looking forward to graduating in January so I can do stuff I like to do on a regular basis… like read… make fun flannels… blog about said flannels… *ahem*

Anyways, this flannel was a hit with both my toddler and my family crowds during storytimes last week!  With toddlers, I asked them what each body part was called and then proceeded to put it in the wrong spot, naturally.  “What?!  Your ears don’t go on top of your head?  Show me where they go!  What?  Your hands don’t come out of your ears?  Are you sure?  Where are your hands?  What do you mean your nose doesn’t go in between your eyes?  Does it go above or below?”  So on and so forth.  This was such a fun flannel to encouraging talking and using directional vocabulary, and the toddlers loved playing with it after storytime!

For my older kiddos, I had them help me finish the end of each rhyme and, once again, put body parts in the wrong places.  After we built our friend correctly we took the pieces down and did the rhyme again the whole way through (putting pieces in the right place this time!)  Here it goes:

Here are my eyes,

I use them to see.

Here is my nose,

Does something stink?

Here are my ears,

One for each side.

Here is my mouth,

I can open it wide!

Here are my hands,

I use them to clap.

I use them to wave.

Then they go in my lap!


Credit: original

Have a great weekend all!  🙂

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