Flannel Friday Round Up for March 24th

Happy Spring everyone!  We’ve got quite the round up of ideas to share this week- hold onto your hats!


Jeni from the Biblio Files starts us off with some super cute felt My Little Ponies for the kiddos to play with when they visit the library after school.  I am so impressed by her level of detail!



Laura at One for the Books shares some super laurafun spring tic-tac-toe sets with flowers, suns, rabbits and ducks!  What a fun passive program idea!



colour-cars-2-768x432Who else LOVES Emma Garcia?!  Lindsey’s joining us from Jbrary with an awesome felt story and extension activities created by her clearly amazingly talented co-worker Kate Low.  I can’t wait to try these out the next time we have a transportation storytime!



Aren’t these boxes absolutely adorable?  Nikki from Hey There Library has even shared the pattern with us!  Plus she provides some alternative options to the traditional “Little Fox” game.




Wendy from Flannel Board Fun is joining us with two flannel sets this week!  The first is a robot set, complete with some great robot book suggestions.  I want to know how Wendy cut out such amazingly detailed little pieces!



Wendy’s second set has to be one of the cutest set of hedgehogs created in Flannel Friday history.  I love Wendy’s new take on the “Four Little Hedgehogs” counting down poem too.




I am loving Mr. Keith’s flannels and rhymes about biting lately!  His newest kawaii installment is Chicken in the Barnyard.  I can’t wait to try this one out during my next baby storytime!




Heather’s got a seriously cute space-themed “Mouse in the House” variation this week.  Check out her rhyming hiding rocket game at Lady Librarian’s Literacy, Lifestyle and Lookbook Blog!




Jennifer from Bookwings has created an amazing set of five little fireflies that ACTUALLY LIGHT UP!  I am seriously in awe of her super maker skills.




We have a guest poster this week!  Please join me in welcoming Krystal, who created this amazing flannel adaptation of Ouch! all by freehand.


Here is a Box


I also have two flannels to share this week!  Clearly some of us had boxes on the brain.  The first is a fun noisy guessing animal game called Here is a Box.


my lunch box


The second is a riddle flannel set full of yummy treats called My Lunch Box.

Need more great ideas?  

Check out the Flannel Friday blogFacebook page, or Pinerest page.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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