Flannel Friday: The Veggies in the Soup

09/2021 Update: As I reflect on this post, I actually recommend doing this rhyme with realia instead – a real soup pot and pretend play food. Using realia helps young children make connections and build background knowledge more so than visual representations like flannelboards. At the very least, use a real pot – this flannel pot tends to fall off the board!

Here’s my second installment of this week’s soup-er Flannel Friday! Again, many thanks to Anne at So Tomorrow for hosting this week.

So I recently took a wonderful ALSC Webinar all about best practices in story time. (Are you a member of ALSC?  You should be… they’re great!) Anyways, one of the things brought up was the importance of flannels that encourage audience participation, especially for toddlers. This is a tall order for my storytimes… which sometimes have more than 100 people packed in the room! Nonetheless it’s definitely one of my priorities for the New Year.

So I fudged a bit this week… I made a flannel pot in which laminated veggie clipart could be put into. 🙂 We still had a lot of fun!

FF Veggie Soup

The Veggies in the Soup

To the tune of “The Farmer in the Dell”

First verse: The carrots go in the soup, the carrots go in the soup,

We’ll stir and stir and stir some more

When the carrots are in the soup!

(repeat with other vegetables)

Last verse: Now the soup is done, now the soup is done

We’ll eat and eat and eat some more

Now that the soup is done.



Credit: adapted from Mrs. Albanese

Pattern: I used clip art I bought years ago on Teachers Pay Teachers…

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