Final Flannel Friday Roundup for 2016!

Friday December 16th marks our last Flannel Friday Roundup for the year- and it’s a pretty quiet one!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

This week I’ve got two Western flannels to share- hopefully in time to make before the stock show is back in town come January!  The first is a silly counting song about 5 Little Cowpokes who keep riding over a cactus.  The second is a fun folk tale about Baby Rattlesnake’s First Rattle.  And Kathryn is re-posting an oldie but a goody this week with these fun Little Birdies finger puppets!


And we’re taking a break till 2017 with Mary!  Can’t wait for a great idea?  Check out the Flannel Friday Blog, Facebook, and Pinterest pages!

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