Flannel Friday: My Friend Duck

09/2021 Update: Please see my Keep Calm & Use Clip Art post for an updated version of this flannel with different types of trucks. I no longer use flannels in which color is the only variation.

Happy Friday my friends in flannel world! Hope your summer reading is going well. Not only are we crazy busy, but our story times have gotten even bigger too. This week I had so much fun with one of my favorite story time themes ever- things that go!

I actually made three flannels this week (because I love this theme SO MUCH I really couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to do. Oh, librarian problems…) This first flannel was a HUGE hit with the preschool crowd. Many thanks to Sandy at Storytime Sparks for the fabulous idea!

Here’s how it goes:

My friend duck

Is hiding behind a truck.

Is my friend duck

Behind the red truck?

(repeat with other colors)

If NO:

No, that’s not duck

Behind the red truck!

That’s… (cow/horse/sheep/etc).


FF Trucks Duck

Click here for the free truck Pattern!

Many thanks to Kate at Felt Board Magic for hosting this week’s round up!  See you in another post with some more fun flannels and with the whole story time plan.  🙂

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