Flannel Friday: Ahhh Choo! with Tulips & Toddlers

FF Ah Choo Tulips

Happy Flannel Friday!  Hope everyone had a good week.  (We won’t talk about mine.  All that needs to be said is FINALS…. dun dun dun!)  Thank you to Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime for hosting the round-up this week.  You can also check out the Flannel Friday websitePinterest, or Facebook page!

I actually had a break from storytime this week (thank goodness, I had so much homework) so the flannels I’m presenting are from last week.  Also like my last FF posts I have 2 to share with you- one set I used with toddlers and the other set I used with preschoolers.  I think I will continue to do this as much as possible in the future.  They really are such different age groups that things go so much smoother if I just end up making two different plans.

Many thanks to Maria at The Serpentine Library for putting me onto this rhyme and the fun book Finger Tales by Joan Hilyer.  I can’t wait for my copy to get in and see what other fun rhymes are in store!  I adapted the original rhyme a bit to be tulips instead of flowers (easier to draw) and added some more actions, but other than that the words are mostly the same.

5 Pretty Tulips

5 pretty tulips (hold up 5 fingers)

in the meadow grew.

“Hmm,” I said (tap chin)

“I bet they smell pretty too!”

So I bent down to sniff (pretend to sniff)

But they tickled my nose!

Ah-ah-choo! (pretend to sneeze)

Oh no- away 1 flower blows!

(repeat with 4,3,2,1)

CREDIT: adapted from Joan Hilyer’s Finger Tales

The toddlers had a ton of fun making huge sneezes and blowing the tulips the away!  I think for now I will stick to fun guessing/interactive flannels for the little guys, they seem to go over the best with the crowd.

Click here for the free Pattern!

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