Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below Again

Back again with another opposites post! Shortly after my first Above and Below storytime, I got to cover an evening storytime and do this theme again. I LOVE covering evening storytimes because we usually see some older kiddos. At this storytime my youngest was 2, my oldest was in 3rd grade and I had just… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Above & Below Again

Flannel Friday: Looking at Fall Leaves with Math in Mind

Back with another fun, math focused fall flannel! Just look at these lovely leaves: Pattern: available from Ashley Hughes Oh the possibilities! Notice the varieties in leaf size, type, and color. Lots of opportunities for math talk! Here's some questions I might ask, depending on the age of my group and how I set out the… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Looking at Fall Leaves with Math in Mind

Flannel Friday: Early Math in the Pumpkin Patch

Interrupting my nostalgic summer storytime blog posts to bring you a fun fall flannel - PLUS a template! I've learned a lot this year about early math and have been working hard to include more opportunities for math talk in my storytimes. This means making flannels with specific variation in mind - e.g. size, length,… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Early Math in the Pumpkin Patch

Storytime Spotlight: Going Places (Family Time)

Inspired by Jbrary's recent post on Storytime Themes vs. Storytime Flow, I've been challenging myself to start with a book and go from there. When you start with a book, it's much easier to include picture books with diverse representation. Plus, it allows me more room to breathe! Creative freedom! More flexibility and spontaneity in… Continue reading Storytime Spotlight: Going Places (Family Time)

Flannel Friday: Not Your Typical 10 Juicy Dog Bones

This year Groovy Joe: Dance Party Countdown was selected as the One Book 4 Colorado winner, and I just knew I needed a fun flannel that incorporated counting and dogs to go with it! I also wanted to really focus on building number sense, which requires something a little more versatile than your typical counting… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Not Your Typical 10 Juicy Dog Bones

Flannel Friday: Shape Monster

One more math flannel to share this week!  Shape Monster is super fun and easy.  All you need is a sock puppet and some shapes! Shape Monster, Shape Monster, hungry for lunch! I wonder which shape you'd like to munch? ____ Credit: I found this shape monster rhyme (or something quite like it) in one of… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Shape Monster