Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Forts, Fall Leaves & Other Red Things

It's One Book Colorado Time! Usually released in April, this year's free book for four year olds across the state was delayed by pandemic problems until fall. This recent virtual storytime plan celebrated the winner (The Little Red Fort by Brenda Maier and Sonia Sánchez) and other red things - like fall leaves and apples… Continue reading Virtual Storytime Spotlight: Forts, Fall Leaves & Other Red Things

Flannel Friday: Tommy the Turkey

Happy Flannel Friday! On a Saturday. Because lately, that's how I roll. Get it? Lately? As in I'm late with this post? Ha ha? (Sorry, too many long nights doing homework!) Although I don't do holiday themes for storytimes, I do usually do a birds and or migration/hibernation themed storytime in November. I just love… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Tommy the Turkey

Flannel Friday: Little Chick

Thank you Wendy at Flannel Board Fun for hosting the Flannel Friday Round Up this week!  If you something landed here without stopping THERE first, you'll definitely want to go back and look at what everyone else is up to.  You can also check out the blog, Facebook page, or Pinerest page.  Happy Friday! I've got another… Continue reading Flannel Friday: Little Chick