Flannel Friday: I Lost My Sock!


Have you seen I Lost My Sock: A Matching Mystery by P.J. Roberts? I fell in love with this book as soon as I read it, BUT it’s a bit small for storytime…. which means it’s a perfect candidate for flannel! The illustrations are full of basic shapes so it also wasn’t hard to freehand, just time-consuming.

I lost my sock

Basically, Fox is freaking out because he lost his sock. Ox tries to help out and find it. I love doing this as a flannel because it’s a great opportunity to ask kids “How can you tell?” when the socks don’t match and encourage them to compare/contrast. There’s a lot of opportunity to explore patterns, use visual discrimination, and build descriptive vocabulary!

At the end, we find out Ox has Fox’s sock- he’s been using it as a hat to hold things! Why wouldn’t Ox just use his pockets?


Anyways, many thanks to Lindsey at Jbrary for hosting this week! Be sure to check out the rest of the round up for more fun flannel ideas!

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