Flannel Friday Round Up for January 26th


Hello and welcome to this week’s Round Up! I’m so excited to share everyone’s fun flannels.

Paola Opal animals

First up, we have some absolutely adorable kawaii animals from Mr. Keith. These cute creatures are based off the characters of Paola Opal. If you haven’t picked up one of Opal’s board books yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! These are the sweetest, simplest board books for storytime (unfortunately, they’re also very small). Of course Keith has some super fun rhymes to go with his awesome flannel! Head on over to Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime right now!


Wendy at Flannel Board Fun has a good old fashioned nursery rhyme to share this week! I’ve never actually used a nursery rhyme flannel in storytime before, so this is something I can’t wait to try. Thanks for the inspiration, Wendy!

Could you lift up your bottom

I have two hat flannels to share this week! The first is a great story called Could You Lift Up Your Bottom? This is a super fun flannel to use with a hats, food, or shape themed storytime.


In my second post I share a few fun ways to play a hiding game with hats with props or a flannel! I even have some hat flannel templates to share. Enjoy!

Looking to learn more about Flannel Friday?  Check out the blog, and don’t forget to join the awesome Facebook group too!  Can’t wait for next week and need more inspiration right now?  Peruse the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards!

8 thoughts on “Flannel Friday Round Up for January 26th”

    1. I can’t seem to comment on your actual blog for some reason, but I just want you to know I can’t get over how cute these creatures are and how closely they resemble the wonderful board book characters! I am in love with this set!


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