What’s in a Name?

Or, the story behind the Stacks.

First of all, welcome to my readers- old and new!  For those of you who found your way to my next adventure from Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder, thanks for making the trek through cyber space.  (You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet over there… but don’t worry, I’ll have plenty of goodies for you here too!)

Why has it been so quiet?  I’m not teaching anymore!  For awhile I was lost, but now I can be found… in the stacks!  It was a very agonizing decision, but in the end it has led to something I love even more- the library science field.

But why, you ask?  (Just kidding.  No one ever really wonders why.  But I’ll tell you anyways).

While it’s true, I didn’t leave because of this:


It may have had a little more to do with this:


And during job interviews, I always play it off like this:


There you have it!  In short, the story behind the stacks.  It only took a few weeks after I left the field for me to realize I couldn’t give up working with kids and their families.  My wonderful hubby suggested I start volunteering at the library and- lo and behold- there’s a whole different profession out there dedicated to doing just that!  I absolutely fell in love with the library science field and am now busy pursuing my master’s degree.

What do I love best about my new career?  Well, for one thing I get to be an advocate for authentic literacy experiences for children (without having to deal with a bunch of red tape).  I work with amazing people and administrators who actually care about that stuff (as opposed to test scores).  I get to make a difference in an entire COMMUNITY (not just my classroom).  And best of all, I still get to partner with all those amazing teachers out there making a difference, too.  Seriously my friends, this is the best of both worlds!

So what will you find in the Stacks?  My admittedly ambitious plans cover a lot of ground: things for teachers (duh), families, fashionistas, fanatic bookworms… you name it!  Thanks for reading my story and I hope you stick around for more details on my next great adventure!

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